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Health is a vital need for any society, and the provision of healthcare services, coupled with the training of professionals, is costly and often inadequate. Developed countries attract health professionals from developing nations, perpetuating shortages, especially in places like Pakistan. Jinnah Medical College in Peshawar addresses this scarcity, aiming to produce highly qualified doctors and accommodate bright students overlooked by public institutions.

The college is dedicated to providing top-notch training, fostering international competitiveness, and instilling a humane approach in future doctors. With qualified faculty, well-equipped laboratories, a comprehensive library, and affordable costs, the institution aspires to shape individuals worthy of the noble medical profession. The commitment to minimizing costs while maximizing training reflects a lofty goal, but through faculty dedication and management devotion, the college strives to achieve this noble aim, InshaAllah.

Principal / Dean's

Jinnah Medical College Peshawar.

Prof. Dr. Amir Khan

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