Education, the backbone of an enlightened society, has a variety of meanings and conceptual underpinnings in the annals of learning and human thoughts. Right from a man in the street to a talented writer, a qualified sociologist, a creative scientist or a genius philosopher, all have burnt their midnight oil in chalking out an educational system in order to fulfill the cherished requirements of that particular environ, and accomplish the desired goal of human development, both in mind and body. Vocational education and skill-oriented programs have always attracted a lofty position and attained considered priority in all human struggle and thinking. All valuable schemes of education in this respect are replete with practical overtures, with a desire and aim of meaningful and fruitful output. The theoretical paradigm can never alone unearth the human potential. Pragmatic frame of deliverance, with an outlook of life, creativity and service, is the most necessary supporting mechanical apparatus in the process of this marvelous and noble cause of human development. The Jinnah Medical College Peshawar is ordinarily striving for personality development, civic enlightenment, medical learning, scientific orientation and professional excellence.


The establishment of Jinnah Medical College aimed at developing human virtue among the medical graduates. With the grace of Almighty Allah, the College is permanently recognized by PM&DC Islamabad. It is affiliated with Khyber Medical University. The DHQ Teaching Hospital, Charsadda and Naseerullah Khan Babar Memorial Teaching Hospital (City Hospital) Peshawar are its teaching hospitals. The JMC’s own state of the art Jinnah Teaching Hospital, which will be equipped with all the modern specialties and facilities is nearing completion. The College will stand aloof for its academic qualities, cost-effectiveness and introduction of a healthy learning environment in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province, which no doubts, is full of human intellect and initiative.


I pray to Almighty Allaah for the success of the institute and the young students. May they succeed in achieving their honest ambitions of excellence in the medical profession and their earnest commitment of service to humanity (Aameen).


Jinnah Medical College Peshawar

Prof. Major Dr. Muhammad Ishaq

Founder, MBBS, FCPS (Pakistan), FRCS (Ireland), FRCS (Glasgow), FRCS (London)