Health is very important and essential requirement of any human society, whether developed or developing. The adequate training of health care professionals and more so the provision of health service to the masses is a costly undertaking. That is why there is always shortage. The developed countries, due to their better facilities, attract health professionals from the developing countries and due to their migration, there is always shortage of health professionals in countries like Pakistan. The public sector medical institutions, due to limited number of seats, have not adequately met these demands, therefore, the private sector has come forward to establish private medical colleges. The Jinnah Medical College at Peshawar is to fulfill these demands of highly qualified doctors in the country and also to provide chances to the many intelligent and hardworking students who could not be accommodated in the existing public sector institutions.

The college aims at providing training and skill of a very high standard so that our doctors are able to compete not only in the country but also at the international level. Not only technical knowledge and competence of international standard is necessary for the future doctor but also to exhibit a humane attitude to the suffering community, understand their problems and deal with them, with devotion, sincerity and compassion. It is necessary that they are molded by their training in the institution to be worthy of the name of noble profession.

The College provides qualified and professionally devoted teaching staff in all the subjects to guide the students in their studies, facilitate their training and motivate them for higher self achievement in their profession. The College also provides highly equipped laboratories with all teaching facilities and a library with good number of medical books, magazines and modern digital facility. All other allied facilities are provided to make the atmosphere congenial & conducive to learning as well as developing balanced personality and sound character.

It is worth mentioning that we keep the cost at the minimum and provide maximum training so that those who are capable but could not afford the high cost are not left out. This is a very tall claim but we hope that with the dedication of the faculty and devotion of management, we will succeed in this noble aim, InshaAllah.

Prof. Dr. Amir Khan,
Jinnah Medical College, Peshawar