Department of Pathology

The Subject of Pathology is taught in two years to the undergraduate students. In the third year MBBS general Pathology and Microbiology while in the fourth year special systemic pathology is studied. The general Pathology includes general aspects of the disease processes in the body with laboratory diagnosis. Microbiology consists of Medical Parasitology and Bacteriology, in which all the diseases producing parasites and Bacteria and their deleterious effects on the human body and human system are diagnosed. Microscopic changes in the human body tissue and the laboratory diagnosis of the diseases are discussed. The hematology and chemical Pathology are also included in the course of special Pathology, which include different disease processes in the blood, bone marrow and lymphoid tissues. In chemical Pathology the chemical changes, which occurs in different systems in the disease and their diagnosis in the laboratory, are discussed and learnt by the students.