college administration

The college administration is working directly under the supervision of the Principal/ Dean. However, the Chief Executive Officer of the Institute in consultation with the Academic Council is competent to make necessary changes in the administrative setup for the smooth running of the institute and the college.

This body is responsible for policy making and running of the professional and academic affairs of the college in accordance with the rules/regulations prescribed by KMU/PM&DC. It consists of the Principal/Dean as Chairman, all Professors and Heads of the Departments.

This body is responsible for the discipline, security, cleanliness, maintenance of the building, hostels and transport and consists of Director Administration, hostel wardens and their subordinates.

It looks after the admission of students, applications, merits, etc and consists of the members as prescribed by the PM&DC in its regulations:

Prof. Dr. Amir Khan (Principal) Convener
Prof. Dr. Muhammad Tariq (Vice Principal) Member
Prof. Dr. Syed Khan Zada Khan (Faculty Member) Member
Mr. Muhammad Nasir Qazi (Director Admissions) Secretary