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CEO's Message

Driven by an irresistible urge to meet the acute shortage of doctors and health professionals here in the country and around the world, my illustrious father (late) Prof. Dr. Muhammad Ishaq conceived the vision of establishing JMC in the private sector two decades ago, and we are deeply indebted to the founder of this ground-breaking institution, who sacrificed his personal comforts for our better future. We pray for his exalted soul to rest in eternal peace and tranquility.

I am honored to serve as the CEO of Jinnah Medical College, which, despite facing challenges, remains dedicated to providing exceptional education and healthcare services to its community.

In our pursuit of excellence, we’ve achieved milestones, enhancing clinical facilities and forming strategic partnerships with leading healthcare organizations. JMC is dedicated to producing top-notch graduates and medical professionals, alleviating human suffering from diseases. Through a conducive learning environment, a state-of-the-art teaching hospital, renowned consultants, research, and career-building opportunities, we provide quality clinical training at JTH and DHQ Hospital in Charsadda.

I urge students to be mindful of their behavior, on and off campus, as it reflects on both their character and the college. Let’s collaborate to make our institution a model of fine conduct, fostering an environment where students thrive and realize their full potential. I am confident that JMC will remain a leader in medical education and patient care. I express gratitue to our faculty, staff, students, alumni, and supporters for their dedication to our mission and look forward to achieving even greater success together in the future.

Jinnah Medical College, Peshawar

Sundus Ishaq​

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