Curriculum is not a static document, it is a dynamic process. It has to respond to the changing needs of the society and country. This is even more so for the curriculum of a medical college, which has to respond to the rapid changes that are taking place in the biomedical sciences, and consequently the practice of medicine. The integrated Curriculum which involves vertical integration of all subjects being taught in MBBS is now being introduced at Jinnah Medical College. The guidelines for developing this curriculum have been provided by Khyber Medical University. Students entering into the 1st year of their MBBS program will now be exposed to pre-clinical and clinical subjects along with basic medical sciences. This will provide a more comprehensive linkage of various concepts in their minds.

Teaching Methodologies

A variety of teaching methodologies are adopted by different departments of the college to facilitate student learning. These include:

  • Large group discussions like Lectures
  • Small group discussions in the form of :
  • PBL (Problem-based learning)
  • TBL (Team-based learning)
  • CBL (Case-based learning)
  • Seminars
  • Role-plays
  • Workshops
  • Demonstrations


Examination Department is an integral part of Jinnah Medical College. It works in collaboration with the Department of Medical Education and other Departments. The Basic aim of this department is to introduce the university standard examination system in the students. The students are examined on monthly basis with Comprehensive assessment tests (CAT) and after 3 months with a Term exam. After completion of the course, the students are thoroughly examined in a comprehensive exam. The department is in total communication with the parents and all the CAT/TERM/Comprehensive exam results are sent to the parents. The department also facilitates the struggling students by giving them special group tasks and assignments. The department is run under the supervision of Controller of examinations who is the principal officer-in-charge of the conduct of examinations and test’s of the college and declaration of their results. He discharges his functions under the superintendence, direction and guidance of a board.