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Admission Policy

Admission to the First year MBBS class is open to all Pakistanis; expatriate Pakistanis as well as foreigners who are otherwise eligible. The admission will be purely on the basis of merit. There are no reserve seats or special quota seats, unless otherwise provided by the College.


Candidates should be between 17 and 25 years of age at the time of application.


Applicants must have passed F.Sc (pre-medical) with at least 60 % marks. Applicants from the A-levels stream must have passes in physics, chemistry and biology (an equivalence certificate from the Inter Board Committee of Chairmen must be produced by the students with A-levels or any other foreign qualification).


Admissions are announced every year through the national print media and the College website. Application forms, prospectus and information regarding the test and schedule are issued from the admission office on payment of a processing fee. The Application form can also be downloaded from the College website. Copies of the following documents are to be submitted along with the application form for admission. Applicants who are offered admission will have to produce their Original certificates at the time of confirming their admission.

S.S.C/ Metric certificate or equivalent, with DMC

F.Sc. (pre-medical) or equivalent with DMCs.

Equivalence Certificate of Inter Board Committee of Chairman, Islamabad in case of foreign qualified candidates.

Photo x 10 copies of color passport sized photographs attested on backside.

NIC / form B x 3 copies.

NIC of Father or Guardian x 3 copies.


The test consists of multiple choice questions (MCQs). The test is designed to test applicant’s knowledge of biology, chemistry, physics and English. The test material in the sciences section is of the same difficulty as the material tested in the Intermediate and A-Levels examination. All applicants will have to go through a short interview after taking the entrance test. The interview judges the suitability of the candidate to complete the MBBS course.


All admission offers are based on merit. The following weights are allocated to the different components of a students’ academic and interview performance.

Marks in Matric / O-levels


Marks in F.Sc. / A-levels


Score in Entrance Test


Interview Score



In case merit is equal, seniority in age will determine the merit. Decisions of the admission committee are final.


The foreign students are required to:
Get clearance certificate from the Ministry of Education, G.O.P.
Hold Student / Study Visa (transit or visit visa is not acceptable).
Must produce an Equivalency Certificate from the Inter-Board Committee of Chairman (IBCC), Islamabad.
Proof for proficiency in English. (O-level pass in English or A-levels General Paper pass).

The college fee will not be refundable in case a student leaves the college for any reason after one month of admission to the college. However, 50% of the dues will be returned to the candidate if he/she withdraws his/her admission within a period of one month after admission.


Any change in the Admission Policy will be made according to the law of the time by a separate notification by the Principal of the College, where and when required.


1. Hostel Fee (Per Anum)



The Hostel Admission Fee includes food (breakfast, lunch, evening-tea, dinner). This will be subject to the likes and dislikes of the students and on pattern of Army Officer Mess system.
Utility bills (Gas, Electricity, Phone etc) will be divided according to expenses and usage. Simplicity and savings will be encouraged.
Fee once paid is not refundable in to but by 50% of the total payment provided the student leaves the college/hostel in a period not more than one month after the admission. Caution money is refundable in to.
Separate Hostel rules are being issued by the Principal and Dean of the College.
The syllabus / curriculum and examination for the M.B.B.S. students are subject to change by the Principal as per notification of PMDC and as per policy of the Khyber Medical University Peshawar.
Ignorance to college rules and regulations will find no-excuse. All the students and parents / guardians are advised to read the college rules and regulations and follow them strictly as prescribed in the Prospectus.
The Institute without any prior notification subject any or all of the college rules and regulations to recession, alteration and notation whenever considered in the best interest of the institution and students, as per policy of Khyber Medical University Peshawar.
The students have to pay their fee and subscription in lump sum and not in installments. Selection of the students shall be made strictly on merit, and as per admission policy given in this Prospectus.
All the students have to take good care of the machinery, equipments and models used during their training. They have to make good any loss or damages to machinery, equipment, models or anything under the jurisdiction of the college premises.
Parents / guardians are advised to keep in touch with college Principal about the progress of their son / daughter / ward.
Students should observe strictly the Hostel Rules given in the separate booklet. All instructions / advices / orders issued by the Principal and Dean should be complied by the students in letter and spirits.
Vacation will be observed according to the Federal and Provincial Government notification / gazatted holidays or as per notification by the Principal and Dean.
The college will observe the PMDC and the Peshawar University Rules and Regulations in all respect and will endeavor to bring in conformity all policies with the said rules.
Following college uniform is prescribed for the students.

Gray trouser White shalwar & kameez
White shirt White dopata
Tie (any colour)  White coat (overall)
Black shoes Black shoes
Navy blue blazer (winter) Blazer (winter)

13. All the students have to wear white coat (overall) during their stay in the college and hospital.
1. A student shall be required to attend at least 75 percent of the lectures, seminars, tutorials, practical and clinical in each subject in each class during the academic session, failing which his/her name shall not be forwarded to the Controller of Examination of the University for the purpose of appearing in the university professional examination.
2. Students are required to observe decency and be attentive in the classrooms. Students are forbidden to act in a manner which is unbecoming of a student in the college premises / hostels and even in the outside.
3. Students are directed to extend deep respect to their teachers.
4. The students are required to observe punctuality on all notified events.
5. A student is not allowed to leave the lecture room or practical class without the permission of his / her teacher or until the class is dismissed.
6. No unauthorized activity is to be carried out at the college premises.
7. Any student breaking or damaging any college property shall be required to pay the cost or repair or replace. In case of willful damage he/she shall be punished with fine.
8. Any student desirous of addressing the Dean / Principal by letter must do so individually. Joint applications are prohibited and will not receive attention and will be considered as breach of discipline.
9. Any student who wishes to make a representation on any subject has the right of direct access to the Principal or Dean at any time during college hours by prior appointment. Counseling and academic discussions are to be encouraged.
10. All teachers are accessible at any time for consultation.
11. All sorts of political activities are strictly forbidden in the college / hostels or any forum associated with the college. Any involvement or political instigation will be strictly dealt by the College Disciplinary Committee. The decision of the College Disciplinary Committee will not be challenged in any court of law
. 12. No person shall be invited to address a meeting or society in the college premises without prior written permission of the Dean / Principal.
13. A student shall not address a press conference, or write to the press on an issue or matters concerned with the college, university, or any government or educational institution in Pakistan or abroad.
14. No poster or banner shall be displayed without the approval of the Principal or Dean.
15. In dealing with any breach of discipline, infringement of the rules and regulations mentioned in this prospectus, the Principal may decide to order appropriate penalty including verbal or written apology, withdrawal of scholarship, fine, bank guarantee in the name of college, temporary suspension from the college, removal from the hostel, expulsion from the college or rustication. If rustication / expulsion from the college are indicated the case will be placed before the College Academic Council and the decision will be conveyed to the Chairman of the Institute.
16. If a student has some complaint of any nature, he / she has to submit his / her written complaint to the Director General (Admin) who will then forward the same for proper action / investigation / redressal to the Dean of the college.
17. Students are strictly prohibited to keep illegal arms and ammunition with them. Even licensed arms are not allowed in the college premises and hostels.
18. The possession or use of narcotics is strictly prohibited. Possession of narcotics or arms will lead to expulsion from the college.
19. For leave the student must apply in writing stating the reason for his / her request to the Dean.
20. It is not allowed to bring outsiders in the training and education departments without prior permission of the Dean.
21. Security measures for handling acids, equipments, instruments or reagents are to be strictly followed.
22. All accidents, including minor ones have to be reported to the teacher concerned / Director (Admin) immediately.
23. Smoking is prohibited at the college premises.
24. Singing loudly or making noise or shouting are contrary to decent behavior and therefore not allowed.
25. Students are not allowed to indulge in foul language physical jokes or fighting,
26. The College may expel a student at any time if it is not satisfied with his / her conduct, character or health.

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